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Accessories for echo-sounder DEEPER

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boat mount depth sounder Deeper

Universal flexible mount for boat Fishfinder DEEPER FLEXIBLE ARM allows you to attach the Deeper sonar device to any kayak, boat, inflatable boat, mini-boat with remote control or Canoeing.

Cover for Fishfinder Deeper "Night Cover" for night fishing

Fish night? Add the backlight the sounder Deeper. Replace the standard cover depth sounder special transparent colored transparent cover and start night fishing in Deeper mobile app.

Holder for smartphone Deeper

The Deeper Smartphone Mount - a durable fixture for mounting the smartphone on the rod. Smartphone Mount is a valuable tool that allows you to control the sonar data, with one hand holding the fishing rod and the other to wind the coil in Deeper. Thanks to the innovative design and construction can not hide the phone in a silicon clips. Soft silicon piscatory strong enough to hold the device in place.