Cover for Fishfinder Deeper "Night Cover" for night fishing

Fish night? Add the backlight the sounder Deeper. Replace the standard cover depth sounder special transparent colored transparent cover and start night fishing in Deeper mobile app.
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Cover for night fishing designed specifically for the echo-sounder Deeper to ensure maximum functionality of the gadget when fishing at night. Cover passes through the bright orange glow Deeper in the built-in led so you can easily estimate the current location of the sensor fish finder when fishing at night and in low light conditions. With a cover for night fishing you will never lose sight of the Deeper. Instructions for use replacement caps: Remove the standard cover and replace it with a lid for night fishing. Screw in the new cover tightly threaded so that a special stamp of integrity on the appliance and on the lid matched. Switch to Night Fishing in the branded app Deeper to activate the bright lights of a Fishfinder transducer. Make sure you have installed correctly and tightly enough spun thread cover. When used correctly you will never break and will not lose this accessory. Cover for night fishing are indispensable when fishing in foggy and rainy days. Bright orange cap ensures visibility of the sonar in any weather and time of day.