Fishfinder Deeper Smart Pro

Smart Fishfinder Deeper PRO uses wi-fi to ensure an increased distance range of Deeper connection and the user's device. Deeper floats on the surface scans the bottom of the reservoir and the water column beneath a locking depth, temperature, bottom contour, fish location, and then transmits the information directly on the screen smartphone or tablet. Smart Fishfinder Deeper PRO - a universal solution for fishing from the shore, from a boat, kayak or kayaks. Wireless sonar, Wi-Fi connection (up to 100 meters). To use necessary smartphone or tablet iOS or Android. Battery: 6 hours work. Charging: micro USB connector.
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Compatible with any device (Android/iOS)

Easy to set up and to use Deeper sonar is very compact (65 mm) and lightweight (100 g). And most importantly Deeper displays Amateur and professional fishing to a new level. A monitor for displaying scan results is Your smartphone or tablet (Android/IOS). Transmission occurs via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing you to provide a range of connection 100 m and 50 m, respectively. You do not need access to the Internet via 3G or Wi-Fi on the fishing spot! The Deeper fish finder has built-in Wi-Fi transmitter that connects to your smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is enable Wi-Fi on your smartphone and connect it to the access point Deeper.

For fishing from the shore, from boats and on the ice!

With Deeper you can scan from anywhere: from the shore, from a bridge, boat, waterfront, on ice, etc. Mode "Chartplotter" is available even when shore fishing, thanks to the integrated GPS sensor. All cards are stored in history and can then be used at any time to search for the best places for efficient fishing. Mode is implemented as a Boat in a stationary boat the fish finder and not slightly inferior in quality scanning, and often superior due to the 2-beam scanning. In winter, on the ice, the possibility of Deeper shake - it shows everything: the presence of fish, the depth at the drilling site, deep jigs, and more. One catch, the use of Deeper bring pleasure, and a great catch.

Everything you need for fishing!

Deeper will show you the depth, bottom topography and the presence of fish. Also, if you need, is a function of the detailed display: the type of bottom and the hardness of the soil and vegetation under water. There is a sound notification at the appearance of the fish, the sounder scans 15 times per second, this allows you to display objects in 1.3 cm from each other. Also free in the app there is a calendar (with the predictable fish activity, fish and lunar phases). Weather: provides weather data in the requested places and also time of the sunrise and the order of the phases of the moon. The configuration is very flexible, you can enable and disable not needed functions, and to switch units. Deeper brings fishing to a new level!

Products specifications
Reception range Wi-Fi 100 m
Size diameter 2.5"/ 6.5 cm
Compatibility C iOS 8.0 and Android 4.0 to the latest iOS and Android
Case material Shockproof ABC plastic
The communication channel wireless connection via Wi-Fi
The GPS sensor No
The limit of depth, min./max. 260 ft (80 m) / 2 ft (0.5 m)
The water temperature senso Built-in
The unit of temperature measurement Celsius / Fahrenheit
Operating temperature -4°F to 104°F/ -20°C to 40°C
Battery Li-polymer; 3.7 V; rechargeable
Adapter power supply 110 В / 240 В. Micro-USB
The type of sounder dual beam
Frequency 290 kHz (15°) / 90 kHz (55°)
Color Black