The novelty of 2017. The world's first multifunctional robot cleaner for cleaning Windows, walls and floor. Powerful vacuum motor allows you to work on virtually any vertical or horizontal surface (without magnet). In addition to cleaning the usual smooth glass and glazing, due to the high suction power, you can use HOBOT, also for cleaning floors and walls from tile, polishing the parquet, mirror, mosaic Windows, glass partitions and glass tables
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Vacuum pump

The powerful vacuum pump holds the robot on virtually any vertical or horizontal surface. Suck dust and remove particles of dirt, and the two cleaning wheels covered with the microfiber cloth, move the robot across a surface and rotary cleaning motion.

A unique way of moving

No rubber wheels or caterpillars, which can leave marks and which need to be cleaned. HOBOT uses a unique system of movement through the surface with a rotating cleaning wheel, instead of the traditional tracks or rubber wheels. Can freely and smoothly move on the surface and glass without leaving traces, even if the cleaning pad is dirty. The robot does not require additional maintenance and cleaning, except for the change reusable cleaning wipes that can be easily changed and washed out.

Environmentally friendly and economical microfibre cleaning cloth

High quality cleaning and no scratching on the surface with the microfiber cloth.

HOBOT napkins easy to change for manual or machine washed and repeatedly reused. All the dust and dirt is absorbed through the tissues by vacuum. The wipes have a soft and long millions of microfibers that are in the cleaning process, RUB against each other, producing a static charge that help draw dust particles, keeping them until washing, then under the action of the charge is stopped and the mud is easily washed off. Microfiber - does not leave fibers, do not shed, does not roll, absorbs much more water and dirt than a normal cloth, easily washed, dries quickly after washing and is a long time.

Remote control

Robot you control for this purpose is the remote control which you set the direction or include an automatic cleaning program. The remote has buttons to launch 3 kinds of automatic mode and a manual control button to clean the surface.

Products specifications
Dimensions, mm 295 × 148 × 120
Weight 0.930
Power consumption 90 W
Network power 220 V ~ 50-60 Hz
Noise 65.5 Db
Battery power 20 min
Cleaning speed 3.6 min / m2
Software Ai Technology V2.1+
Application For small and medium-sized Windows