Holder for smartphone Deeper

The Deeper Smartphone Mount - a durable fixture for mounting the smartphone on the rod. Smartphone Mount is a valuable tool that allows you to control the sonar data, with one hand holding the fishing rod and the other to wind the coil in Deeper. Thanks to the innovative design and construction can not hide the phone in a silicon clips. Soft silicon piscatory strong enough to hold the device in place.
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Secure Smartphone Mount on the rod at the front where the logo Deeper. Use o-rings for attaching a Smartphone Mount on the rod. Thread orange plastic hook through the o-ring and tighten it on the rod and attach the other orange plastic hook. Use one or more o-rings for attaching a Smartphone Mount on the rod. Make sure of reliability of fastening. Install the Smartphone Mount the phone. Carefully, one by one, lock all four silicon retainer at the corners of the phone. Ensure the rigidity of mounting of the device. Before throwing rods, shake it several times to make sure of reliability of fastening by means of a Smartphone Mount.